One of the most fun aspects of shelving is it can act as an accent piece or serve as an intrinsic part of your room’s décor. As functional as they are fashionable, a thoughtfully selected shelf can mean the difference between a ho hum room and one that conveys a confident sense of design. Offering similar storage capabilities as a bookcase, shelves have an open, airy feel that allows them to enhance a room without overpowering it.
We have metal lockers for sale, yes, metal lockers that are designed for many applications like first responders of all types, school corridor lockers, employee lockers, high school lockers, Athletic lockers Footlockers, and Stadium® lockers that are ideally suited for athletic team rooms to store helmets, uniforms and gear for many different sports. 

In order to rent a locker for the semester or for a year, please visit the Service Center desk in the lobby of the Recreation Center. The Service Center accepts cash (bills no larger than $20), credit (Visa, Mastercard, Discover), Ram Cash, and check (with valid driver's license or state ID). A Campus Recreation membership must be maintained during the duration of the locker rental.

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Shelving is one of the most versatile options that you will ever find in home décor and storage. Combining form and function, the shelves you put up in your home can add visual contrast, give you a place to put all of your books and other items, and even divide up spaces. Choosing the right shelving options for your home will help to set your style and bring everything together, making your space your own. Whether you love to display your children's medals and trophies or have a beautiful book collection you want to show off, there are thousands of shelve options available to you.

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